Why Amy Jackson Took DNA Test?

With the advancements in modern technology, it is quite easy to find out our roots through DNA ancestry test. We always have one such question about our ancestors and roots, like us, this Bollywood actress also has the same doubt and to know where her ancestors hail from, she took this DNA test.

The actress is none other than Amy Jackson. After years of research and courage, she finally took this Y chromosome DNA ancestry test. In an interview, when asked about the reason, Amy shared that people always ask her about roots, as she didn’t seem fully English. Her father’s grandma was Portuguese and she landed up on the Isle of Man (an island belonging to British Crown) in the early 1900s. And now, Amy wants to find out what happened before that. She decided to know the history of ancestors belongs to her father.

Amy also revealed that it just needs a bit of saliva, using which the authorities compare it with millions of DNA and will give the results in few weeks. And the test results of Amy’s DNA are yet to come.

Cut into the DNA Ancestry Test, there are three types, one is the Y chromosome test (to know about father’s side), the Mitochondrial or mtDNA test (to explore mother’s ancestors or roots) and autosomal DNA test (to know about both the sides). They will even give the complete list of our roots. Even before the release of that report, the actress seems quite excited to know about her family roots. Who wouldn’t?