‘My Anger Is On Delhi, Not Annayya’


Setting a perfect tone for his speech, Pawan Kalyan made it very clear that his anger is not against his own brother who lives in his heart, but the ones who took drastic decisions.

Due to my bad luck, today I’m standing against my own brother, but I’m not against my brother. I’m standing just against my brother, but not advancing against him’, said Pawan Kalyan, in a fiery tone, laced with emotional liking for his brother Chiranjeevi.

‘Gundello vunna annayaku edurug ga nunchuntunna.. edirinchi kaadu.. tandri taruvata tandri aayaana… aayannu edirinchanu’, he said. ‘Delhi lo vunna vaallu chesina daaniki annayanu emi analenu’, added Pawan.

This made it very clear that Pawan’s intention is to fight against the system that is being controlled by Delhi bosses, but not against his big brother.

Commenting about his political intentions, ‘I would have become an MP or MLA in Prajarajyam Party only, but all those are just a piece of hay before me because of the power of my fans I have’, stressed Pawan.