Anil Ravipudi Not to do ‘Extras’

Producer Dil Raju has suddenly become unpopular after the super flop of ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’.He had seen many failures in the past but this film has damaged him personally for his ‘extra words’ he used before the release.He belittled the stardom of Nithin by saying that the star made rounds to his house to make film with him. He also claimed that this film would collect more than Rs 50 cr.

All his over confident talk and over action in terms of tall claims and belittling others received backlash after the debacle of this movie.Similarly, his camp director Harish Shankar also faced problems with over action at the success meet of “DJ”. He slammed critics for not giving good ratings to his movie.

One and half years have been passed since the release of “DJ”, he is yet to get the dates of any star for his next movie.Knowing all these, Anil Ravipudi, another director from Dil Raju camp, has become cautious in his approach.He was recently telling the media folks that he would not do such extra things. He wants to focus on work rather than tall claims.

He has delivered three hits. So, he doesn’t want to spoil the good career. Matured decision, we must say.