Anoop Rubens Needs ‘Background’ Check


‘Manam’ proved to be game-changer for talented composer Anoop Rubens though he started his career long back in 2002 with Teja’s ‘Jai’. However, he is not able to crack the whip in Tollywood such that his position will be cemented. And here comes the exact problem for which Anoop should find immediate solution.

Except in the case of movies like Ishq, Heart Attack and Manam, Anoop is not evincing interest with his background scores. Although his tunes are melodious, haunting and hummable, he should bring pep and flavor to scenes with terrific background scores like a DSP and Thaman. Because for commercial movies, ‘background music’ is the soul as it lifts heroism and scene depth to new level. It looks like Anup is delivering his best when directors are extracting ‘juices’ from him, but failing to live up to expectations if he is left to own will.

Also Anoop should focus on giving at least one haunting song per album. Latest release ‘Loukyam’ and upcoming ‘Oka Laila Kosam’ had him at composer’s table, and these films’ music isn’t any instant hit. For JrNTR-Puri Jagan’s flick, he will score tunes but Mani Sharma will hit orchestra for background score. That’s the story!