Another Jolt To Jagan?

Jagan is failing to keep his leaders intact and avoid an exodus of his leaders into TDP. The latest we hear is that YSR’s close aide and first senior leader from Vizianagaram to support Jagan in the district, Satrucharla Chandrasekhar Raju, is all set to ditch Jagan and join TDP.

Chandrasekhar, former MLA of Kurupam, and father-in-law of sitting YSRCP Kurupam MLA Pushpa Srivani, and father of YSRCP’s Araku Parliament constituency incharge Satrucharla Parikshith Raju, said to have recently attended TDP’s coordination meeting. He had accompanied his brother and TDP MLA Satrucharla Vijaya Ramaraju and many TDP leaders said to had expressed shock over the presence of YSRCP’s sr leader Chandrasekhar Raju given his closeness with Jagan Mohan Reddy.

However, Chandrasekhar Raju said to have told TDP leaders that he would be joining TDP very soon. Chandrasekhar is apparently staying away from YSRCP activities for a while.

Chandrasekhar leaving YSRCP is seen as a major setback to Jagan. If Chandrasekhar joins TDP, suspicioins are over the future stand of his daughter-in-law Kurupam MLA Pushpa Srivani and son Parikshith Raju who is leading Araku YSRCP.

On the whole, this would be a severe jolt to Jagan in Vizianagaram district ahead of 2019 elections.