Another Move Towards #PRP2, Pawan Fans Worried!

Even before Pawan Kalyan kick-started his Janasena party, there are some cracks in the mega fanbase, in the name of Exclusive Pawan fans, Exclusive Charan fans and etcetera. After the party was inaugurated, considerably Pawan Kalyan’s fans have grown larger and in distance from other mega fans.

With Pawan getting into active politics and starting his political tour, other mega heroes gave him full support. That led to various factions of Mega fans joining the Janasena route. And now, none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi’s All India Fans Association president Swamy Naidu has confirmed that he’s quitting Congress party and joining the Janasena brigade.

First of all, with Naidu’s arrival into Janasena, it will be sending clear signals that whole of the Mega family including Megastar Chiru is supporting his brother’s sojourn. But the bitter fact is that the arrival of all these fans turns Janasena no less a Prajarajyam party. And then, already Pawan fans feel superior and cult to other mega fans, and how are they going to digest the arrival of Naidu is the question.

Some say that already the news of Swamy Naidu’s arrival into Janasena created some sort of ripples among Pawan’s hardcore fans who are already of the feeling that Pawan is not giving them due importance. Few observers felt that within a few days we may see some huge cracks in Janasena cadres owing to the fan war!!