Another Young Hero Turned Pawan Fan!

Using Pawan Kalyan’s name to gain some extra mileage to the films has become a common practice. Nithiin is an expert having tapped Power star’s titles and songs for his success.

Sri Vishnu who gained  popularity with his unique dialect and mediocre success of ‘Mental Madhilo’ is all set to hit screens with his ‘Needi Naadi Oke Katha’.

The highly anticipated film amassed good buzz with interesting trailer and songs. In a candid chitchat Sri Vishnu revealed that he will be playing Pawan Kalyan fan in the film.

“I am basically a Venkatesh fan. Despite being a victory star, he’s simple and has no controversies. However I play a Pawan Kalyan fan in the film as 80% of youth today are his fans. I have tried my best to portray how typical PK fan behaves with those signature antics,” said Sri Vishnu.

Satna Titus will be seen as his romantic interest in NNOK. Venu Udugula is making debut as director. The film is releasing on March 23rd.