My answer is clear and dont ask me again – Jr NTR

Looks like Jr NTR has made his mind with the possibility of facing this question again and again for the next few months. Other day he’s busy doing the press conference to announce his arrival as the brand ambassador of a mobile store.

During the conference, a journalist has once again asked him about the ongoing #NTR biopic. As Jr NTR happens to be that star-heir of legendary NTR, naturally he’s expected to be part of that film, but somehow he didn’t get any such invite. However, Tarak is not in a mood to answer this particular question again and again.

“I thing you’re asking me this question again. My answer was given already during the IPL promotions press meet. I stick by that answer. I don’t want to give an answer again. If you didn’t get it, rewind that video and get the answer clearly” said Tarak, when asked about it.

During IPL press meet, actually he said, “Naakem pilupu raledu. Meeku teliste naaku cheppandi. Okavela naaku telistey, meeku cheppe veltanu”, when questioned about his presence in that biopic. But he has ruled out the possibility of playing his grandfather NTR on the silver screen as he thinks there is a long way to go to meet grandpa’s range.