Anupama’s 3 Pics That Are Stealing Her Fans’ Hearts

It looks like young beauty Anupama Parameswaran is raising the glamour dose in movies and photoshoots of late. For the last couple of days, three pictures unearthing Anupama’s serene and sensual beauty are going viral and are stealing her fans’ hearts.

Anupama recently posted a beautiful picture with a big flower ornating in her hair and giving the entire picture a retro look. Anupama was looking gorgeous as ever with her mesmerizing half smile adding more beauty.

Then came another picture in which Anupama teased her male fans by taking off her shirt slightly and revealing her back. Needless to say that fans were left speechless seeing the girl next door turning a seductress.

And finally, there’s another picture where Anupama kisses her own reflection in a mirror. Fans were going bonkers seeing this and some even replaced Anupama’s reflection with theirs. Only Anupama can explain the mystery behind these sudden surprises.