Anushka and Tamanna fighting for Sridevi’s Role

The one thing that any human being cannot fight is ageing and looking young and fresh is everyone’s desire, especially those in the film industry. Though it cannot be fought, there are many in the entertainment circuit who would do anything to keep looking 20 even when they are 50.
This is seen a lot in the yesteryear heroines and one among them is Sridevi. She is now being called the Botox aunty by many who have seen her recently. Now, it is heard that there is a big fight going on for her place. Well, all this is for the remake of her super hit movie ‘Himmatwala’.
This is happening in Hindi and it is heard that a tough fight is on between the awesome beauty Anushka and the milky white beauty Tamannah. If any one of them gets through, it would be their debut in Bollywood. The film has the straight faced superstar Ajay Devgn in the lead. Best of luck to Sweety and Tammu!!