Anushka learning Martial Arts

Amitabh Bachchan visiting jail to see notorious smuggler Hazi Masthan, or Shabana Azmi visiting a brothel house to emulate the role of the madam or Ram Goapal Varma making hell out of a publicity visiting Anantapur and Vijayawada for his films is something different.
From actor Chiranjeevi onwards going abroad to learn dance or undergoing strict regimen for maintaining a fit body is nothing new.
The latest news is anushka is undergoing intense martial arts training these days.
The hard work is for her upcoming Tamil film ‘Irandaam Ulagam’ in the direction of Selvaraghavan.
Arya plays hero in the film. anushka is playing a dual role. One role is that of a tribal woman and the other one needs proficiency in martial arts.
anushka underwent similar training earlier for her role in Prabhas’s Billa.