Anushka’s Last Attempt to Lose Weight

Anushka has tried various methods to lose weight, but her efforts went in vain. At one time, she gave up on losing weight and stopped signing new movies.This was the reason why she did not sign any new movie even after delivering a massive hit early this year with “Bhaagamathie”.

Luckily, a friend suggested her to go to Austria to take one last chance. A clinic in Austria is said to treat obese patients through natural remedies.The clinic became famous when some Bollywood actors gained results in no time. Anushka is now headed to Austria to get the same results. At least she feels, this will be her last attempt to lose weight.

37-year-old Anushka is one of the most popular actors in south India and commands openings at box-office by her name.She gained many kilos to look obese for the role of Sweety in the film “Size Zero” and this has deteriorated her health condition and metabolism. The film also turned out to be a dud at box-office. So, she lost on both counts.

After the release of “Size Zero”, she tried to lose all flab but she didn’t achieve desired results. Moreover, she faced health problems.