Anushka’s Secret Classes In Jubilee-Hills

Her naturally strong sex-appeal and sensuous eyes always have a long lasting effect on Telugu audiences. What if they come to know that sexy Arabian horse Anushka is taking some special classes in Jubilee Hills?
According to grapevine, Anushka is taking some special classes for rich brats of Hyderabad at a place in this posh area. Her boss and yoga guru Bharat Takur is back in town, re-opening his “Artistic Yoga Studio” to teach the secrets of holy Indian exercises. The secret behind Anushka’s sexy curves and ageless skin is this “power yoga”, which is now tempting many rich ladies of town. It is heard that Anushka has taken few classes for some rich and happening Pg3 women of Hyderabad at this studio upon her guru’s request.
Her secret visit to Tollywood’s capital has raised alarm in the town, with producers and directors running to BT’s studio to meet her. Before anyone could meet their eyes with this hot heroine, Anushka left the place leaving everyone sad. That’s all for now about Anuskha’s secret yoga class guys!