AP Also Waiting For Mega Telangana Film


Geographically the Telugu land has been broken into two pieces but it must be said that the Telugu people are still connected to each other strongly. And one medium which has always proved to be the best bridge has been cinema. Now, it is heard that the people of Andhra Pradesh are eagerly waiting for one mega Telangana film.

This is ‘Rudhramadevi’ starring Anushka and directed by Gunasekhar. Based on the life of the brave warrior queen hailing from the Telangana region, the story has raised a lot of expectations and it is expected to hit the screens during the month of December 2014. For many, it is like a moment of pride.

The people of Andhra Pradesh say films based on Kings and queens of the Telugu land have been very rare and that too a biopic is even scarce. So, it looks like whatever bitter feelings of hatred have been planted by few vested political leaders and parties might get cured through ‘Rudhramadevi’.