AP Lacks of Lady Power

Women across the world have been making rapid progress conquering new horizons day by day. They entered into armed forces, skyrocketed into the space and what not. So when they become law makers in various countries it is not a surprise. However many feel that Andhra Pradesh lacks Lady fire power. One look at Country’s political scenario except for a few not many entered politics and emerged successful. Indira Gandhi inherited leadership qualities and she stamped her authority in style. The same can not be said of Rabri Devi who used to be the rubber stamp CM and same is the case of Mayawathi who has been for long under the wings of Kanshiram. However after Kanshiram’s demise she showed her power. However both used their authority and political power for personal benefits. Mamata Bannerjee has been in Cong fold for years and unable to bear the suppression turned tigress and became CM of Bengal. She using her power and influence shifted all the projects to Bengal for the benefit of the poor. Same can be said of Jayalalitha, though used power for personal means, did beneficial things for the poor. UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi wouldn’t have entered politics had not been the sad demise of Rajiv Gandhi. From then on she enjoyed immense clout thanks to impotent Congress leaders. However she used her power for her personal benefits and greed.
Though Country has seen so many lady bosses except for Mamatha and Jayalalitha others used power for selfish ends. Coming to Andhra Pradesh the powerful Reddy, Naidu and Kamma lobby never allowed ladies to come up politically. Though we have firebrands like Vijayashanti, Vijayamma, Sharmila, Roja, Nannapaneni Rajakumari, Gangabhavani to name a few, all are answerable and accountable to their political bosses and anytime they can be shown the door. Purandreswari became minister at Union Govt but did little for Andhra Pradesh. All this shows that AP lacks Lady fire power who can work for the benefit of the poor.