AP MPs turn blind

Common man elect their representatives to that they will solve their problems and develop the places. MPs and MLAs across other states atleast try to get some funds from central government and they are more than successful exerting pressure unitedly forgetting regional differences with other rival parties. But this was not the case with MPs representing Andhra Pradesh. Though the state has 42 MPs and play important role in the formation of govt at center, Central Govt shows step motherly treatment diverting funds to some other states and some other policies. The Govt’s discrimination is clear in using its resources for satisfying the wants of their allies at other states or satisfying their greed.
Though people rewarded the ruling congress with 33 MP seats, they did not get single portfolio or ministry of importance or even if they do get ministries , they don’t have guts to do some thing for the people of their constituencies. They are content with seeking personal gains and monetary benefits and once they are satisfies they are not bothered responsibilities they have towards people they represent.This was the reason why gas resources from KG basin was shifted to Ratnagiri Power plant in Maharashtra and mines and other natural resources diverted depriving people and State of its wealth.
Same was the case with Railways doing nothing for Southern railways while enjoying massive profits provided by the passengers and freight carriage. MPs are so thick skinned that they don’t want to learn from their Tamil Nadu counter parts who threaten violent agitations when it comes to interests of the state and change even foreign policies.