AP suffering from Sonia Stroke !

State of Andhra Pradesh which is regarded as rice bowl of India and also the country’s top destination for software techies is fast losing its shine and sheen due to various developments on political fronts. Till recently corporates vied with each other scouting for lands, fixing appointments with CM of the state to invest in State as it provided conducive and peaceful atmosphere. Similar is the case with job seekers from other regions who made Hyderabad favorite destination as they don’t have to face any language problem unlike any other places. Even on farming sector farmers used to be role models for entire country.

However political instability, rising production costs, increasing power cuts, depleting natural resources, derogating infrastructure facilities,law and order problem with authorities turning a blind eye and power holidays to corporates, pressures from political front to recruit people on regional basis than on merit are making corporates look for alternative venues. When analysed further what could be the cause for the present situation in State many feel that people and AP is suffering from Sonia Stroke.
Her indecisiveness on various burning issues that are troubling the state, inability to control rebellion in the party and the Govt, divide between cabinet ministers, diverging statements from ministers on various issues is bringing disrepute to the State and bringing down its brand value among the corporates across the world. Unless until State comes out of Sonia Stroke it is difficult to survive.