Are popular awards really popular?

Now a days many reputed organisations started giving awards and rewards felicitating top films, performances for the year in Tollywood film industry. However many wonder whether all those wards are really popular or not as sometimes many films or stars win awards though their films don’t do well at the box office and movie lovers unaware of their names.
Most of these awards are decided by online polls or smses and if one goes by that strategy, then local drawing master will win award in contest with renowned Picasso paintintg. More recently two small budget films with double meaning dialogues became superhits. If one goes by collections and records then better give them awards.
Some time back Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao miffed with the awards committee blasted the Committee Chairman DVS.Raju as two of his classic films did not get awards. In two days time an unknown organisation came up and felicitated Dasari and his two films and later the organisation disappeared into the oblivon. This shows how awards are actually given.
Awards decided by online polls and smses have one drawback. A person can send numerous smses and as such only educated urban youth will be participating while masses who are the driving force between any film’s success will be deprieved of having any say in deciding the awards. This itself shows that award winning movies don’t actually reflect the mood of the movie lovers.