Are We Over Excited About Nitya Menon?

In this industry of male domination, heroes can do anything but heroines are looked like terrorist if they do something as per their like. While she is criticized by many Tolly lovers, there are those who support her.
Nitya Menon rejecting a flick of Mass raja Raviteja has become news in Tollywood from the last couple of days. Sources close to Nitya stated that media is sensationalizing every word that comes from this short heroines mouth. ‘You don’t know who Sudeep is until you see him in Eega. So, if you go to Bangalore there are 100% chances for you to ask who Sudeep is. In the same way Nitya asked who Prabhas is. There is no need to know about each and every hero of Tollywood if you sign a film here’, the source stressed.
‘Raviteja looks like an uncle to bubbly looking Nitya. There is a reason for her to reject the flick. Why cannot media understand this’, the source adds. In one angle, there is no need of getting hurt with Nitya’s decision as so many heroines rejected our top-stars many times. Critics say that we are over excited about Nitya Menon!