Arnold Schwarzenegger Unhappy With That Kiss

2014 TCA Winter Press Tour - CBS/CW/Showtime Panels - Day 2

Hollywood Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger came down to Chennai as a chief guest for Shankar’s ‘I’ audio event. It was a grand function but everyone started to think that why Arnold left the function abruptly. Well, the function was supposed to start at 5.30 pm but it was started at around 6.30 pm. Arnold was very happy with the crowd’s reception and he was overwhelmed by their love.

He felt suffocated after some time due to AC problems, but still he managed to sit in the function and enjoy the programs. He was really impressed with the body builder’s act and has specially congratulated each of them individually.

However, one of those body-builders grabbed Arnold’s hand and kissed it. It’s not a new thing for us but Arnold felt very uncomfortable with that kiss. So, he finished his speech very early and made a sudden exit from the function. It took some time for the organizers to understand why Arnold left the event abruptly.