Arrogance and Attitude: Two Reasons For BJP’s Downfall

The By Poll 2018 verdict is a major blow to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah personally than to the party. Since the duo is the face of the party and government, naturally, the result is also aimed at them. Most significantly, the by-poll 2018 result has put the BJP under 272 figure, i.e half-way mark in Parliament. This is a very crucial development in the prevailing political conditions.

Although BJP along with its NDA allies (remaining) has the required number today, but the Saffron party cannot survive – either on its own or anyone of its friends switch sides – when a No Confidence Motion is moved. What’s more? Even among BJP, 8 to 10 MPs are openly expressing their agnst against the party and are ready for a revolt if any such crisis really arises. One has to notice that all this is taking place after TDP, main ally of NDA, walked out of it predicting BJP’s sharp downfall and its failure to fulfill its promises.

Meanwhile, take a closer look into the results of By Elections 2018. Let’s anlayze what are the reasons for its loss.

Political analysts, commentators and senior politicians cutting across states are expressing that two ‘A’s as the main reason – Arrongance and Attitude. The ‘arrogance’ of BJP leaders and their over-confidence on their electoral prospects said to have affected their result.

“BJP’s over-confidence and arrogance has lost it in Kairana today. They need to change their attitude,” commented Acharya Pramod Krishnam – Political Commentator & Founder Sri Kalki Pitadhi. Many are sharing similar opinions with Acharya Pramod. Apart from the above, anti-people decisions such as high tax burden, lack of improvising employment opportunities and many others have brought a great anti-incumbency against Modi government.

Although the result of by-election (conducted in 11 states) is a mixed one, political analysts indicate that this is a wake-up call for Modi-Shah. Already BJP lost many of its friends like Chandrababu Naidu, Shiv Sena and is on the verge of losing more. It’s high time, Modi and Shah should instrospect and change their attitude towards people. Else, they should be ready to face consequences in 2019. Already in South, BJP has no sway. While it lost Karnataka general election, its strategies did not work in Tamil Nadu’s RK Nagar by-election. And the situation could be much worse in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well.