An Article On Us Gives A Paisa, Are We That Cheap? – Lakhsmi Manchu

My dad is also upset with some websites that are writing wrong about me. While I told him that I won’t care about them, he stressed on me to question the false writings” says Lakshmi Manchu, as she poured her heart out reacting on how a journalist called some heroines as ‘whores’. Taking to this occasion, she spoke about the ‘websites’ that are bothering her.

“I became numb for the kind of gossip being written on me. It became fun for those writers. They keep sensational headings, but inside there will be nothing. Just to get those clicks. And those clicks give you only a paisa, I know about monetisation. Are our lives that cheap that you earn a paisa through us by cheap stuff? Can you write about your families in a similar fashion?” she suggested, emotionally.

But she’s not asking anyone to stop writing on her. “With our faces, you’re earning money and still we’ll support you by giving interviews. Thousands are living on us. Only due to our production ventures, 100 people live a day by taking battas and eat our food. And we want websites also to live, but don’t live by writing faulty stuff. We also have feelings and similar blood flows in our veins too” she urges.

If press folks are treated a little harsh, they collectively agitate and showcase their dissent. But why are you not asking your fellow journalist anything? Why that media house didn’t sack him yet?” she asked, straight to the press. “You are talking about our films in your channels only after taking money. You’re not doing for free. Whether it is a cyclone or some disaster, we always put our foot forward to collect donations and do charity events. When we’re living our life, why are you harassing us this way?” she added. “Don’t you have a moral responsibility to ban that journalist?” she said on a concluding note.

In the end, Lakshmi Manchu remembered Dasari Narayan Rao. “Had Dasari uncle is here, today this press meet wouldn’t have happened. He would have got the justice done already” she felt.