Attack On Hero’s Religion: Is It Sensible?

Whenever there is something that goes against their political outfit, generally these parties don’t even worry about the sanctity of the accusation they make. Ruling BJP which is called a Hindu party for its views and supports Hindus took a dig on Tamil hero Vijay in the same way.


Inside Mersal, there are, some dialogues about GST comparing it with Singapore that has less GST and doing more health benefits to people. This did not go well with the ruling party and Tamilnadu BJP demanded the makers to remove the scenes. Also, there is a dialogue where Vijay says, Temples are not needed now, but hospitals are needed. BJP, for this reason, started asking if Vijay would tell the same about churches.

Pointing the same, Vijay’s full name has been highlighted by the BJP leaders which created a huge stir. They are calling him as Joseph Vijay and attacking him with figures that more churches and mosques are built in last decade but not temples in Tamilnadu. However, this accusation doesn’t seem any sensible.

In fact, in that film, Vijay acted as a devout Lord Shiva disciple and takes a vow to build a temple for a village. But when a fire mishap kills many people, he decides to build a hospital there rather a temple. In that context, there is nothing called insulting religion but only he fought for a cause, says his fans, asking BJP to make sensible comments.