Audience Banned Award Winning Actor!

Malayalam actor Dileep is accused in an actress’ molestation case and that did not change his fans’ feeling in the hero. His film released when he was in jail, turned a blockbuster proving the same. But it is not the same for an actor in Hollywood after he is accused of rape and sexual assault. We are not talking about the law there, but the judgment of the audience shows how much they hate him.

Many of us must have known the American film actor, two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and accusations on him from many women and men through the #metoo campaign. The actor is accused of assaulting and taking advantage of many other actors until recent past. When Kevin Spacey admitted that he ‘might’ have assaulted some actors when he was drunk, many filmmakers removed him from their films and even the most famous Netflix TV series House of Cards too has shown his way out. The biggest shock for him is when the audience rejected him completely when his ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ released. The film collected just $618 in one week!!

It is the amount earned when six people watched the film each day in eleven theatres on average, which leaves many other theatres empty. This shows how serious issue a sexual assault is for an average American audience. Is this even possible in our country on any day in future, where the hero worship dominates everything else?