Audience will Revolt: Top Director


Director Dasari Narayana Rao, who is well-known for making sensational comments and taking potshots at big wigs, is at it again. Talking about the big-budget movies with massive releases by showcasing it in largest number of screens, Dasari lamented, “In a town of then theatres, all 10 theatres are showcasing the same film which is not a healthy sign. Don’t you think audience will question this trend? They will certainly revolt and that day is no longer. Industry should accommodate all. Everyone has right to live”

Dasari heaped praises on director Ram Gopal Varma for launching new trend of “auctioning” films online. “When I first started out releasing film through Satellite, everyone had laughed at me. Now after 10 years, all are following the same. I’m sure the auction system will be adopted by the big-ticket films as well.”

Dasari and Manchu Vishnu confirmed that their upcoming films Erra Bus and Current Theega will also be auctioned prior to release. Meanwhile, Varma and Vishnu’s Anukshanam is due for release on September 13.