Avadhani’s Counter to RGV’s Remarks


Noted preacher-poet ‘Avadhani’ Garikapati Narasimha Rao has breathed fire on director Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial remarks on Lord Ganesha. Taking on director indirectly, Mr Garikapati gave befitting reply to questions posed by RGV on Twitter.

Explaining the reason behind “beheading” of Ganesh by Lord Shiva, he says, “Goddess Parvathi had given a task to Ganesha not to enter anyone. That doesn’t mean Ganesha should not enter her own husband. Ganesha failed to distinguish between right and wrong. In order to give him wittiness and ability to distinguish, judge better, Lord Shiva has installed the head of Gajasura. Shiva had not cut Ganesha’s head, he has chopped Ganesha’s ignorance.”

Garikapati made it clear that “few” people are targeting Hindu mythology, puranas only “to hog limelight and desperate to be in news”.