Baadshah’s Record ‘Gallanthayinde’

Never did Nandamuri Fans might have expected to see a competitor in the form of nithin back-washing the collections of ‘Baadshah.’ Yes, a movie from Junior NTR receiving unique positive talk from day one is now dropping in revenues than what was expected. Apparently, in overseas market where Telugu NRIs most of the time rely on stardom of heroes and brand value of directors are surprisingly running to theatres for nithin’s ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde.’

Its the competitive ratings from reviewers ranging from 3.25 to 3.5, the apt pairing of nithin, Nithya and novel scripting with full-too enjoyment in the first half are proving more than enough for ‘GJG’ to push ‘Baadshah’ a step backward. Well, there is nothing to worry for distributors and exhibitors because ‘Baadshah’ revenues already made them go in safe zone and now ‘GJG’ also on the mark of break-even just on day two says that surprising profits are going to be quite high in number.