Baba Sehgal’s lyrics for Pawan Kalyan song

Our readers are aware that Singer Baba Sehgal is composing and rendering a song on Pawan Kalyan’s humane nature. Currently he is giving final touches to the lyrics of the song. The song will be recorded very soon and released by the Punjabi singer.
“Power star song hook line goes as ‘ pawa pawa pawa pawan kalyan, pawa pawa pawa pawan kalyan’… I will soon hit the studio to record ‘Pawan Kalyan’, a song exclusively for our power star…” wrote the singer on his twitter page adding, “I feel d power of P when I wear d diesel of D, its d Nike of N that gives d number of 10, be it u or bren- dan..”
He also revealed that the lyrics of the song are going to have a mention of all his popular films and dialogues and most importantly be based on the ideologies of the reclusive matinee idol. Needless to say all his fans are super thrilled.