Babies can’t-Patients can

Doctors at Osmania hospital went on strike after relatives of a patient who lost his life, went on rampage and damaged furniture assaulting doctors on duty. Many people who heard about the incident started commenting that doctors and govt authorities are bearing the brunt of angry patients and their relatives. They point out that when so many babies died at Tirupathi’s Ruia Hospital none of the authorities and political parties including Govt thought it worth mentioning in their media interactions. In fact The hospital authorities went on record saying media was exaggerating the deaths. Since babies were helpless and couldn’t question, they acted according to the whims and fancies which was not the case in Osmania. One visit Osmania shows the condition in which patients are treated. The unhygienic atmosphere and with no proper toliets shows the concern of the Govt towards poor and needy. Rampant corruption right from the entrance to the exit even after death of the patient tests any one’s patience. Even doctors who vouch don’t use water present there as they fear diseases. Patients are treated in disease prone premises and this is the state of Govt hospitals across India.
They advertise in a grand manner about Arogyasri cards but patients are thrown out even from Govt hospitals. So when patients undergo all this sufferings it is natural for them to lose tempers and assault unheeding doctors. Doctors make mountain out of mole hill but one doesn’t know what was the state of the case when MLAs and MPs assaulted them when they were on duty. So people say where Babies can’t-People have every right to take them to task.