Babies left to die for vote banks

Any person will be moved with tears hearing ever increasing death of babies at Tirupati Ruia hospital which pierces any human. However politicians are unmoved as they are not vote banks. CM Kiran Kumar is busy with his own Indiramma Bata and he never cared to speak a soothing word about death of babies or ordered an inquiry into the matter. All Free Babu of TDP is so engrossed in grabbing power at any cost that he did not care to listen to the cries of mothers who lost their babies. BJP, CPM and CPI are busy with their pada yatras and the left over TRS is so busy dividing people on regional basis spitting venom chose not to respond. All credit for its firebrand leader Vijayashanti who divided even babies and played regional politics with dead bodies of babies at Nilofer hospital. One wonder where she is hiding her face at present.
Even some enthusiastic media personnel reported that babies death at Ruia hospital is exaggerated in various channels and print media and it was not as it was hyped. This shows that politicians are interested only in power politics and not interested in providing better facilities for poor and needy people. In the midst of all this many are searching for Megastar who was not to be seen. Many felt he must have forgotten his super hero roles where he took on entire political system and law authorities to save the lives of the poor.