Babies left to die-Parents beaten to death

Ruling Congress Govt is so busy with setting its house in order with its ministers fighting for their selfish ends, that babies across the state are left to die in various hospitals. While Rua Hospital in Tirupathi is already in news, most recently MGM Hospital in Warangal is in news as each day 3-4 baby deaths are being witnessed. Finally Ministers Kondru Murali, Basavaraj Sarayya and Ramreddy Venkatreddy found some time to visit the hospital along with their supporters.
They found immense opposition not only from the parents who have lost their cute little ones but also from Jr Docs of the hospital. Parents stopped the ministers from entering hospital and questioned when they have lost their kids, why did they come after their deaths and for what they have come. Police to please ministers started stopping people and when they shouted slogans against govt and ‘CM Down Down’, they ever happily lathi charged poor parents. Irony is that while Ministers were visiting another baby breathed last at the hospital. Many say the irresponsible authorities and Ministers should be hanged in full public view so that they will get to know their responsibilities.Many feel unless until some direct action is taken, these politicians will be busy fighting for their selfish ends.