Babu breaking Guinness records

Political parties and people of Andhra Pradesh may never recognise the great deeds of TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu and they even go hammer and tongs criticising him for his illogical claims on various schemes implemented by Govt. Some even make fun of him calling him ‘All Free’ Babu. However he created a record for being the longest ever serving CM of Andhra Pradesh. YSR who could have broke the record lost his life in a tragic air crash. Some say the even as opposition leader he created record of sorts as longest ever opposition leader and make fun of him that his record may be extended for another five more years.
When Babu was CM, TDP leaders used to leak to media that US President even in senate spoke for hours about Chandra Babu’s role. However now without the help of leaks CBN is creating world records to the surprise of all. On Rakhi Pornami he sported 66 ft long rakhi and created record. If this is not enough on Independence Day he created another records by designing 3.3km long National Flag. CBN even felicitated all those who played key role in designing National Flag in party office at NTR bhavan. TDP leaders who are keen on trying to impress Babu are seen requesting their friends and relatives and known people for ideas to create new Guinness records.