Babu following YSR ?

TDP Supremo Chandra Babu Naidu is always known to be creative and innovative. People and his supporters hail him as one and only one leader not only in Andhra Pradesh but also in the whole of India for his political brilliance. Even he never stopped claiming that the schemes implemented by YSR as CM of Congress ruled Govt were his and YSR just copied him. However now it can be said with full conviction that Babu is following and copying YSR. If Babu still denies that it was he who gave the idea of ‘Padayatra’ to YSR then people will laugh at him.
Buzz is that Chandrababu is getting ready to go on state wide Padayatara for 117 long days in the run up for elections. He is planning a route map and drawing a strategy so that TDP can get optimum mileage on he failure of Govt on various fronts. He is even planning to come out with a clear cut strategy even on the burning Telangana issue. His advisors and party leaders are saying that it would be better for him to go on a ‘cycle yatra’ rather than ‘padayatra’ as the party’s cymbol will also get associated with people in this case.
It has to be seen which one Babu prefers. However Babu is following YSR but the question is whether lady luck will present him CM chair just like it did to YSR?