Babu Gogineni’s True Colors Exposed

Bigg Boss is a show where the insecurities or complexes of a person are exposed. Self proclaimed humanist Babu Gogineni took it as a challenge to be a part of Bigg Boss 2 to use his intelligence, logic and theories to win the show.He claimed to be a bigger boss and has confronted Bigg Boss on many occasions.Inarguably he has brought new dimension to the show with his knowledge at the beginning but he is beginning to trip and exposing his weaknesses.

Babu talked about the ‘range’ of other participants in the house when one of the housemates confronted him regarding his philosophies“Living in the same house and talking Telugu doesn’t make us equal. I am an international figure,” Babu said. This is nothing but belittling others. Everybody in the house is equal as they are playing for the same prize money.How can Babu talk about range/status of a particular person? On the other hand, he was also caught plotting a plan to send a housemate out.

For this he wanted Geetha Madhuri to be out of it as she stands for the truth and honesty. Babu once appreciated her for being ‘the honest soul’, but now he is showing double standards, which is against the policies of his ‘humanism’.Will Nani point out Babu’s mistakes and expose his true character to everyone in the house or ignore it like many of his past mistakes? We will get the answers in the weekend show.