Babu Over-Reacted! – Keshav Hurts

Senior TDP leader and MLC Payyavula Keshav is reportedly hurt with the comments made by party chief Chandrababu Naidu against his alleged overindulgence with Telangana CM KCR when had visited Ananthapur district to attend Paritala Sriram’s wedding recently.

In the party coordination meet held in Secretariat on Tuesday, Chandrababu reportedly found fault with Keshav’s personal interaction with KCR. He said it was the responsibility of ruling party leaders to show respect when another state’s CM comes on visit, but he added that going overboard on such occasions sends wrong signals to public and that it was not good for the party.

Payyavula, who didn’t attend the meeting owing to personal works, reportedly felt disappointed after learning about Babu’s comments. He later confided to his colleagues that how could it be his fault when KCR himself wanted to speak to him.

‘On that day, I just wished KCR and was on my way. The DIG then came to me and informed that KCR wanted to meet me. I obliged and went to the helipad. KCR held my hand, took me aside and had a casual chat. How can I be blamed for this?’ he said, adding that he has been a member of TDP for 25 years and rued that he has never done and will never do anything that can damage party’s reputation.

Some party seniors opined that two erstwhile partisans having a causal chat shouldn’t have been taken so seriously by Babu.