Babu taking BCs for a ride?

Chandra Babu Naidu , the TDP chief is trying all tricks up in his sleeve to conquer all his rivals and political parties, to win next elections that are due in 2014. In the process he promised to give 100 assembly seats to BC candidates and is on the verge of shortlisting candidates for the same. Eevn BC organizations who are fighting for their rights have hailed Chandra Babu’s decision. Irrespective of his sincerity, Chandra Babu’s announcement started sending shivers under the spines of all other political parties. However one wonder whether Babu will keep up his promises.
Analysts say if Chandra Babu tries to keep up his promise, he will be faced with opposition from other caste groups. It has to be seen how Naidu a keen strategist will handle leaders from all the groups. Another talk is Chandra Babu and his party TDP has already lost hopes of winning the next elections and in order to win over at least one section of the community, its chief started playing the BC card to perfection. One has to wait and see whether BC leaders see through his game or be taken for a ride by Babu. It is a known fact that Chandra Babu used all his trick up his sleeve in last elections and got branded as ‘All Free’ Babu.