Babu throwing stones from ‘Glass House’

Recently popular national channel NDTV conducted a poll survey to find out the mood of the nation. In the nation wide poll the survey found out that if mid term polls are conducted now, UPA led by Congress will be booted out of power in Centre as well as in State. Particularly in Andhra Pradesh, survey predicted Congress will bag around 9 MP seats compared to its present tally of 33 while TRS predicted to bag 10 seats. YSRCP is all set to sweep polls winning 21 MP seats. What has baffled the TDP supremo Chandrababu is that it drew blank in the survey.
From then on Chandra Babu and his party leaders started alleging that NDTV chief Prannoy Roy received whopping amounts from YSRCP and did predictions in its favor. This surprised many political leaders and poll analysts as surveys are part and parcel of the game and there are 50-50 chances of surveys becoming true. But TDP and Babu is unable to digest the hard reality and conveniently forgetting the fact that it was routed out in all byelections in the State. Instead of setting his house in order and getting his strategies right Babu is living in Fools Paradise throwing stones at others living in a glass house.

Even a child knows that present state of TDP is pathetic and doesn’t need any sophisticated survey to predict who will be the winner. Everyone still remember how channels supported by Babu, predicted TDP coming back to power in last assembly elections and how it was routed. Same is the case in by elections with Babu owned media. It’s better Babu get his things right or party will disappear from AP.