Babu to be booted out of AP?

TDP cadre and its leaders, many times countered that argument that their leader Chandra Babu is not opposed to Telangana formation and if and when the state is formed then Naidu will be getting promotion. They say that he will become national leader as TDP will then be in two states. However Chandra Babu never encouraged this kind of discussion in what so ever manner but cleverly followed two eyed policy. However many say a clever plan is hatched by Natasimha Balakrishna and Young Tiger Jr NTR.
Though many say both are not in good terms and are not even speaking with each other, some feel it is a strategy to hoodwink Babu. Already Balakrishna gave a clear cut statement that he is not opposed to the formation of Telangana, and his party will send one more letter to Center on the issue. This came as a shock to Babu as he has been many times delaying on letter keeping it under wraps.
Buzz is Balayya along with NTR came with a master plan to boot out Babu totally from the state of Andhra Pradesh and wrest the party from his iron clutches.Once Telangana is formed NTR will lead the party in Telangana region while Balakrishna will lead the party in Seemandhra region. In this way one can totally minimise Babu’s influence on the state as he is fast becoming spent force in state politics. It has to be seen how Babu will tackle this double strike from NTR’s family.