Babu’s moral boosters !

Political parties may target him for his two eyed strategy in Telangana and analysts write him off completely after the drubbing his party TDP received in by elections losing its deposits wherever it contested. When he issues any statement promising sops to poor, he will be targeted mocking fun as ‘All Free’ Babu!. His bete noires YS.Vijayamma and YS.Jagan target him with corruption cases and file petitions in Supreme Court.
However SC with its verdit boosting the moral of Chandra Babu many times and even recently it quashed Vijayamma’s petition on Chandra Babu’s corruption. In a strongly worded statement it questioned what it was doing during YSR’s regime and said her petition was politically motivated.
Many may write him off but Babu a keen strategist and modern day Chanakya as he is, has many cards up his sleeve as was seen in his promises to BCs which made BCs to felicitate Naidu hailing his decision. Naidu however must be careful because if he don’t keep his promises to BCs then he will be in for trouble and if he tries to keep his promise then SCs will breath fire. For the present he can claim Supreme Court ‘s judgement as clean chit to him and project himself as the Mr.Clean of AP politics.