Babu’s ‘political’ unemployment scheme

TDP supremo Chandra Babu is like a magician. He has many tricks in his bag and can pull out all at a time or one by one baffling his political rivals. He can even claim that all the schemes implemented by his political rivals are his schemes and can even come out with dates to give credence to his claim. Many times he said all free schemes implemented by YSR belongs to him and cite the examples of free power, fees reimbursement and many others.
Now he is coming with a promise of unemployment reimbursement in which Babu’s ‘political’ unemployment scheme unemployed youth would be given some amount monthly. This promise he made in the last elections but however none believed him. He is once again renewing the offer to unemployed youth promising them certain amount monthly if voted to power.
Some of his rivals and those in the party are heard commenting that instead of promising schemes for voters it is better Babu announces similar scheme to politically unemployed leaders in various parties so that there will be inflow of leaders from various parties to TDP. They even say that the new promise will act as a tonic as TDP is being written off in all political forecasts in next elections.