Balakrishna becomes villain and NTR a hero!

Balakrishna’s derogatory remarks against Chiranjeevi made him a villain to Mega fans. Although there has been professional rivalry between the heroes for decades together, they never crossed swords in public. In fact they have always posed to the cameras as if they were good friends in real life. But everything changed after recent verbal exchanges between them.
Mega fans have always been against to Balakrishna and his fans and with the actor’s indecent talk about Chiranjeevi, they are considering him as a permanent foe. Contrary to Balakrishna, the younger star from Nandamuri family, Jr. NTR has been maintaining good relations with mega family. Recently he was seen having a friendly chat with Pawan Kalyan at Ram Charan’s engagement.
The latest heart stealing moment of NTR was Ram Charan’s presence at Badshah launch and the stars leaving the venue in Charan’s car. With this the mega fans are considering NTR as mega family friend and we can expect unconditional support for him for Dammu. Also we can expect the same from NTR’s fans to Gabbar Singh and Racha.