Balakrishna insults his father ?

Natasimha Balakrishna who says he is carrying the proud legacy of his father and great star Viswa Vikhyata Natasarwabhowma NTR, started insulting him. This is nothing new for NTR’s sons, daughters other family members to insult him and portray as they are paying great tributes to him. He was insulted when all his family members sided with Chandra Babu Naidu and back stabbed him dethroning him from the CM post. Now Balakrishna in his statements yesterday on Independence Day announced that he supports the formation of Telangana. By his statements he invariably supports the division of Andhra Pradesh which his late father and great soul NTR opposed vehemently.
When telangana moment reached its peak he released his film ‘Talla Pellama’ in 1969. In one song he showered praises on united Andhra Pradesh and highlighted the great history and tradition of the state. His song ‘Telugu Jaati Manadi… Ninduga Velugu Jaati Manadi’ found appreciation from all quarters and is even now played on AP state formation day. However his son Balakrishna who is known as Natasimha proved once again that he is a paper tiger getting scared when nothing was there and started insulting even his father.
Many feel that NTR’s family are the first enemies of the great soul as they stopped using his photos and cutouts thus erasing him from their party and trying to erase from the minds of people. Some even joined the Congress party which he opposed till his death. However they should remember one thing. However hard they may try and in whatever manner they insult NTR people will never forget him.