Balakrishna Turns 40 in Tollywood


Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna, scion of veteran NTR, has achieved a rare feat as he completed 40 years of successful run in Telugu film industry. Balayya made his acting debut in 1974 with a film Tatamma Kala. 40 years ago, the movie was released on August 30 (1974). The film showcased 14-yr-old Balakrishna in the role of Balakrishna and he performed the role with ease notwithstanding that he faced the camera for the first time. He never looked back since then and went onto act in several films including classics like Bhairava Dweepam, Aditya 369, Ramudu Bheemudu etc. His last film Legend was a blockbuster which minted money at ticket windows.

Balakrishna is presently juggling both films and politics. He is representing Legislative Assembly from Hindupur constituency in Anantapur district and also busy shooting for his 98th film Godse.