Balakrishna’s satires on Chiranjeevi

Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi have been friends (!) in the film industry, but have turned foes due to their political ideologies. Recent verbal exchanges between the stars have put their relation at bay. Balakrishna crossed the line by furious verbal attack against Chiranjeevi and the latter maintained his cool.
Now there is a buzz being heard among the film circles that Balakrishna is going to throw more satires on Chiranjeevi in the film Adhinayakudu. This movie has political backdrop and Balakrishna plays the role of Chief Minister in it. There are many powerful scenes and dialogues written for this character it seems.
Balakrishna has taken indirect and direct digs at Chiranjeevi in this film and the director has created situations is what the grapevine say. If this turns into reality and Balakrishna targets Chiranjeevi through movie, then the rift between the stars will get even worse.