Balayya Inclusion in UKUP makes any difference ?

Manchu family is eagerly waiting for this Friday to rise as their ambitious project Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara is releasing on that day. This is the biggest film ever made from Mohanbabu’s banner. As per the producer, Manchu Lakshmi, the budget of UKUP is Rs 23,86,24,000. This doesn’t include the prints and publicity cost. Also the interest for the finances is not added. The given amount is the cost of production of UKUP which includes post production expenses and remunerations.
This film was planned as a medium budget venture at the start. But with Balakrishna’s inclusion they got the courage to double the estimated budget and are expecting to earn good profits from it. UKUP will have to make at least Rs. 30 crores to breakeven, which means it should score the biggest hit in entire history of ‘Manchu’ movies.
Lakshmi Manchu is confident that audiences would lap this film up as it falls in the league of Chandramukhi and Arundathi. They believe that Balakrishna could make the difference and make it a huge hit. As per the unit members, Balakrishna’s role in this film would be like Rajanikanth’s in Pedarayudu. His screen time is around 20 minutes and the impact of his character would be there throughout the second half.