Balayya responsible for TDP Defeat !

Telugudesam party has not put any promising and respectful show in the recent by-polls. One of the factors for their defeat in Anantapur constituency is none other than Nandamuri hero Balayya.
Balakrishna has fought well within the party to get a ticket for his friend Mahalakshmi Srinivas for Anantapur constituency. However, the Jagan wave has wiped this guy off from a win after he has fallen behind with 25K votes nearly. They say that, at least if Balayya had stepped in for campaigning, Srinivas would have given a tough fight to YSRC contestant.
Telugudesam seniors are saying that Balayya should take care of both party and the person whom he recommended strongly for a ticket. Maybe Balayya’s presence would have made a difference, if his baava Chandrababu had given him a chance to campaign. Being the star-face of the party, Balakrishna should not miss a single chance from now to drive TDP to victory in this crisis situation.