Balayya, We Are Waiting To Hear You In The House


His dialogues create a sensation, especially when they are accompanied by thigh-thumping, the fans go crazy. Now, Balakrishna is the sitting MLA of Hindupur constituency. His fans who love every word he utters on screen are eagerly waiting for their hero to speak on the floor of the Assembly. 

The day Balakrishna would start off by saying ‘Adhyaksha…’ there are bound to be celebrations among his fan clubs. But much to their dismay Balakrishna hasn’t showed off his oratory skills as yet.  The one time he was seen in Assembly during budget session, he was spotted with a cane in hand as he was hurt during the shooting of his latest film that is in the making.  Of course, there is a common opinion among TDP cadre and public that while Balayya has his inimitable style when it comes to mouthing lengthy filmi dialogues, he is not a good speaker off the camera.

Right now, the Andhra Pradesh budget sessions are on and many expected Balayya to make an impressive speech. But he is keeping mum just like his one-time heroine Roja. Surprisingly, Roja, who is known for taking on the opposition, has been silent throughout the session. Those in TDP feel, given their successful pairing in the past, their face-off on the floor of Assembly would have been rather exciting to watch since Balayya is with the ruling party and Roja is in the opposition party. But no fireworks have happened till now.

In the past, when his contemporary megastar Chiranjeevi was voted to Assembly through Praja Rajyam party, he did create a flutter by raising many questions and putting the ruling Congress on the spot. When Chiru started his speeches saying ‘adhyaksha’, his fans got into a tizzy. Though their dreams of seeing him as the CM of united Andhra Pradesh shattered, they were nevertheless happy to see him donning a new role and making speeches. Even after he merged with the Congress and became the union minister, he did make his impact felt in the Parliament by ‘reading out’ pre-written sheets. Now, Balayya’s fans and TDP cadre are waiting for some ‘action’ from their favourite star. Wonder when Balayya intends to say his political ‘dialogues’.