Balayya’s Adhinayakudu Is Not Amazing

Much awaited movie of Nandamuri hero Balayya failed to impress fans with its first look. Let’s have a look at the immediate responses of people after watching the promos of ‘Adhinayakudu’.
With Balakrishna scorching the screen once again with three different getups, horrific yesteryear ‘Okka Magadu’ scenes are recollected by fans. Neither the trailer nor the other video songs of ‘Adhinayakudu’ have scored a point with Tollywood audiences. Other than Balayya’s looks, there is nothing new offered with the songs though heroine Lakshmi Rai gave a limitless access to her oozing sex appeal. Music director Kalyani Malik failed to run the show with some foot tapping music unlike his previous venture ‘Andhrudu’ with director Paruchuri Murali.
Now, the sole focus is on the versatility of the story, which could make the film a decent treat for the money invested on tickets. Insiders are saying that the film is a masala treat with full of comedy interlaced with the sizzling glamour quotient of heroines. Let us hope the movie will strike ‘gold’ at Box Office!