What Is Balayya’s Take On Cigarette Scene?

Recently on the eve of legendary actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s birthday, NTR and ANR’s old smoking picture, where they are lighting up a cigarette has come to life yet again. This time it featured Balakrishna and Sumanth doing it.

Yes, both NTR and ANR used to be smokers and there was that incident where ANR is lighting the cigarette of NTR with a matchstick. Often this picture is considered as a witness to their warm friendship despite the fact that they are two big heroes at the competition at that time. Here comes an interesting snippet as to why this scene is shot for the film.

Actually, director Krish wants to tap the memory of audiences by showcasing those images that were already in the minds of Telugu people, this time as scenes. So by showing this particular shot, they will be now talking about what happened that day. Convinced by this idea, even Balakrishna is said to have given an instant nod for the smoking-hot shot.

And then, after the release of this poster, there is a comment that in real life NTR is taller than ANR, but here it is vice-versa as Sumanth is taller that of Balayya. Common, in reality, King Akbar is a bit more than 4-feet, but a 6-foot tall Hrithik played his role in Jodhaa Akbar, isn’t that convincing? Enjoy the film rather than plucking hairs from an egg.