Bandla Ganesh to Contest on Congress Ticket

Producer Bandla Ganesh has surprised everyone by joining Congress party. Bandla Ganesh today took the party membership and officially joined the oldest party in India in presence of Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi.

Bandla Ganesh who has been dragged into many controversies and is also facing cheque bounce cases is known as loyal friend of Pawan Kalyan.

Till few months ago, he was telling that he would contest from Jana Sena and now he has joined the Congress party.

He also said that Congress will be forming the next government. When asked whether he is joining the Congress party to evade cases on him, he said he doesn’t have any cases.

He also said he has been admirer of Congress party’s policies from childhood. He avoided questions about Pawan Kalyan.

There is no promise from Rahul Gandhi about giving ticket to him but he is hoping contest from Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad on Congress ticket in the coming general elections in Telangana.

He hails from Shadnagar in Telangana state.